Wednesday, May 04, 2016

I went south

Family called. My sisters live down south and time passes by so very quickly so thought I'd pay a visit. Cheltenham and The Somerset Levels was were I stayed - the requisite sisters' pads.

I was in Cheltenham first don't you know but haven't found any snaps of that yet so it's by Lynne's gaff you'll see here. Lynne's bees live through that there gate. Since I'm not too keen on them I left them to it but took the opportunity too snap up the gate in the sunshine that pleased us all for a few days. 

You know I love that James Ravilious fellow and can't resist a snap towards the sun. The Minolta 5005si I had with me did a respectable job. The foma200 works well too - it's only the operator that's at fault. Still, I enjoyed the challenge. I might have to shine a light through this one onto silver gelatin paper - just like I did this afternoon with some Perkeo snaps. I might show you one of those when they are dry.


Roy Karlsvik said...

Funny you mentioning that very film in the hands of a human... I have gone through a number of rolls of that film through the last few years, and have managed to more or less destroy every single one of them up to now. At least the ones in 120 format, for some reason. But the last one I did finally came out in a decent way when I pulled it out of the developer and fix treatment. I hope I can continue doing that, because I like that film...
And good to see you're home, of course.

Michael McNeill said...

Very nice - I like it.

Keith said...

I luv it