Thursday, June 30, 2016


I know I usually post snaps of sailing over at - d*g*tal snaps as well. However, we've just been sailing on holiday. Not proper sailing you understand but sailing on the lovely Norfolk Broads - where a slight slope is considered a hill.  We hired a lovely old boat - Zoe which was 120 years old. Well, the keel and the design was 120 years old. The rest of it was a bit like Trigger's broom. Lovely boat though if a little hard work to sail.

Since I had a film camera with me I took the liberty of taking a snap or three. Here's the first three.

Sorry about all the shades of colour. Not sure how it works to be honest.

So quiet and contemplative that sort of sailing - especially on the rivers. Nicely quiet sailing at 1-2knots with only the sounds of water rippling, the mast creaking and some light murdering on the bank as some poor chick meets its maker courtesy of a raptor or something.
Even the long necked white ducks were playing along, keeping their little foals on their backs as we glid by.


ADRIAN said...

I have often thought what hard work it must be sailing on the Broads. All that short tacking would wear me out.

Dave said...

It's the sort of holiday I've always wanted to take but my wife won't get on a boat that holds less than 50,000 people in case it rocks. Nice pics bye-the-way.

Graham Edwards said...

I've only been down that way once or twice and never actually ventured onto the water. My maternal Uncle lived on the broads for a while and designed and built his own little cruiser. I think I may have posted about it (must check) because its current owner got in touch and I gave him a copy of the history of its construction.