Friday, July 01, 2016

Parr for the course

On the way to Norfolk for a little light sailing we called in at the wonderful Hepworth Gallery for a visit to the excellent cafe. We'd been before but after me bumping into Martin Parr a few weeks back in Bristol, I thought a look see at his work might be in order. The main part of the exhibition was the Rhubarb Triangle pictures. Nice although the colour all got to me in the end. The saving grace was the old B&W prints they had there.

Still, the damage was done - all Parr'd up I was soon shooting some colour film I had. I might add here that I have been saved now and I'm back on the straight B&W - mostly.

 Apart from the colour snaps of course. Apart from that.

Potter Heigham on the Norfolk Broads after we'd lowered and raised Zoe's mast to get under the low bridge. We did deserve that ice-cream I can tell you.

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