Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Over camera'd

The pile of non or part working cameras in the cupboard is growing. I have the propensity to feel I need to check that they don't work from time to time. You know, I can't really face chucking them in the bin till they just are in bits and can't be sorted by gaffertape and, I never can remember which is working.

I took out the Zorki6 the other day loaded with, it turns out, 320 Foma retropan. Only, for some reason I didn't clock that fact and shot it at 200 - in bright sun on the day of Summer 2016 in the Western Isles.

Developed it in Retro Special developer and noticed I have some interesting and annoying scratches all down the film. That might account for the stiffness of the film whilst winding on. Duh! Hope it's the cassette or something. Still quite like that great lump of metal that passes for a camera.
Anyway, along with the scratches here's the neg. One of them anyway. The scratches could almost be part of the building. Yes, that's it!

Rather like that shadow. Surprisingly I think Stornoway is one of or the most spied upon town in the UK. Or something like that anyway. there are 13 cctv cameras! yes, thirteen.


Roy Karlsvik said...

As long as there's gaffer tape around there's always a chance! And if the shutter has given up for some reason you might always have the "rebuild to pinhole" option. There's plenty of ways to extend the lifetime of a camera. In the end they can be used to weight things down and such, if needed.
Truly a nice pair of scratches there. Let's cross fingers and hope it's the film cassette and not the camera. I would put my pesetas on the cassette anyway. I usually get scratches on top and bottom when the camera starts to bug things up.
The shadow looks great, I have to admit :)

Michael McNeill said...

Obviously Stornoway is where the revolution is going to start, then. Best keep the head down, I think.