Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sometimes a stroll round the village is enough

Even with a huge weighty Kiev 60 in my hand it's a nice way to spend a while. Especially if it's [relatively] warm about, the's a light breeze and it's dry. Yes, it does happen here. The relative warmness was offset by the relative dullness of the light.

The camera works - sometimes. The meter doesn't work of course. I had it looked at many years ago by a 'man' and it did work for a week or so but then, I figured I didn't need it anyway. The lens is wobbly in it's housing but the glass is nice and sees what I see in the main. Obviously, it's not perfect and does ruin my perfect compositions at times :-).

The strap is near exceptional. One needs a proper Soviet strap with this thing. The shear weight of the camera is enough to counterbalance a small elephant - should one be lurking about.

Dearest Eve accompanied on my stroll and waited momentarily while I snapped here and there. And other places too as it happens.

I might have to see the osteopath now !

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Roy Karlsvik said...

Oh, I would love to have one of these somewhere I could find it whenever needed.
What kind of lense is sitting on yours? Looks like something with a quite normal view, I would say. 80mm perhaps?
I have heard they can be quite moody these cameras, but that would suit me fine enough on most days I think. And yes, who needs the light meter thing anyway... or drained batteries for that matter.