Friday, July 22, 2016

Tolastadh bho Thuath

That fooled you eh?
No idea what it really say to be honest but there's a sign at the beginning of the village with Tolastadh bho Thuath so guess I live there .

It's not that I don't know much about the village but, I don't really know much about the village. I'm an incomer and haven't been here more than 9 years. Someone stopped their shiny white camper van ootside the wee hoosey the other day and asked for directions to the Tolsta Caves ! "Tolsta caves" I enquired? I know there are caves at the end of the long beach - accessible when the tide is way out and called I read the Caves of Life for some reason. Suspect it's where they used to have illicit whisky stills at one time. However, the tide was in so I sent them to another little beach - Garry beach in fact. Little caves there for little people but by far the prettiest. 

This isn't the caves. It's a wee hoosey hiding behind. The post is there too. Not sure what's that's doing there but I like it all the same. The brown colour is where my finger slipped on the pooter. Sorry and all that. I'd been strolling.

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Roy Karlsvik said...

Fooled me plenty, it did. But then again I'm from Norway, as you know, so probably nothing to wonder too much about.
I like the post as well, and all them leaves in there. Was this found inside the Kiev as well? Looks like it might.