Thursday, September 01, 2016

Of course I took a camera

Took two cameras actually. No, no, three.
Anyway, this was taken when I took out the Bronica for a little air on Berneray - the little island that was frequented by Prince Charlie for a while.
Tis a nice place top spend an hour or so and I did as I was a little ahead of schedule coming back from Taigh Chearsahagh arts centre and before that, Benbecula. The Lobster Pot cafe was full up with a coach party from welsh Wales so I made my over over to the machair - an area of the island I rather like.

There were crops of some sort growing over there swaying violently in the strong wind we had been experiencing. I kept the tripod low to the ground and shot a few frames and soon I was ready for the ferry home.

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