Friday, September 02, 2016

Yes, I enjoyed it but don't tell anyone.

Did I tell you who I work for? No? Good.

They, my erstwhile employers sent me on a wild goose chase again - down to the southern isles where gooses abound. All over the place. eating all the grass and leaving their signature poos behind. I hate going. At least that's what I tell the people who pay me to go to find overly-wild 'gooses'. [Gooses is used here as a loose and poor metaphor. Lets leave it that way] It's best to keep them thinking that then I can seem virtuous or something when I agree to go. I mean, it's at least a hundred miles from here and a lot of that on single track road. It's no easy drive in my little carlette I can tell you. Not with the thing loaded up with cameras and film anyway.

I did the deed I'm paid for. Nice gooses too as it happens. Spent the night in a less than ordinary hotel aided with a small G&T.

The morning dawned and once I'd sawed my way through the toast and drunk a small cup of bitter coffee I set off in search of places. I'm not familiar with this island so well. The roads move around left and right in ways I am not at all used to. The wind blew too - a lot. Though that I am used to. I snook up this little roadette out towards somewhere just past the 'delightful' hotel I knew from the night. Stopped the carlette, turned round quickly taking the road by surprise and camera-ed it up. Nice place eh?

I shall go again and see if the road has forgiven me.


Roy Karlsvik said...

This particular part of the road obviously twisted and turned in a very photogenic way, I have to say. Nice find, Andrea :))

astrobeck said...

Tis a lovely portrait of this little road.