Thursday, January 05, 2017

HHHCB in blue

I might have done this before if I'd thought of it, only my cyanotype emulsions had gone to pot and I couldn't get an image out - causing my head to start falling off. I prefer my head on my shoulders so set about re-mixing the chems [ see here ] and lo and behold I have usable emulsion.

The image, I am rather reluctant to divulge, was taken by Eve my lovely partner whilst we sat in bed one sunny morning as the Bat-Cat [HHHCB sat on the window-sill in the sun] came to visit. the resultant shadow on the far wall was captured by Eve's phone. Eh? How does that work then?

Moving swiftly on, I printed out a neg of the image on Fotospeed transfer film, coated some old cartridge paper I had lying around then shove the dried paper under a home made [not by me] UV thing for 15 mins and hey, I had an image. Lightly toned in Tannin/Washing soda.

I think I shall do some experiments with toning - again. I rather like this process and the images.


gz said...

great image!

Dave Shaw said...

It is one of those images that you can see in some many ways. Looking at the background and edges gives one picture in my mind - and then you see the cat! Real fun and really challenging. That is why we follow this blog.