Friday, January 06, 2017

Why does it not 'do it' for me?

Tri-x that is. Film from Kodak with a reputation to die for - and many did while covering the many wars we, the Brits, the Americans and others have sadly been involved with.

I mean, one is supposed to able to shoot the film at ridiculous ISOs and still have usable negs. I shoot it at box speed and still it looks mushy. I don't really like the film base either. Granted I developed in RO9 [Rodinal]  something doesn't look right to me.

Pity since it was a lovely stroll down to Loch Seaforth for a little picnic.

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Roy Karlsvik said...

Well, it's not exactly known to "do it" for me either, to tell the truth. I have had a few snaps through the year that maybe could pass, but overall... nah, not really.
I have tried, though...! My very best, at times.