Monday, February 27, 2017

Little Leicablad

 Apologies for showing me holiday snaps but until someone tells me what to else to snap, these will have to suffice. I used the little Leicablad camera - just like the real thing only it's plastic, hasn't got any controls and is now broked - a bit. The winding handle thing fell off yesterday. I'm surprised it lasted that long to be honest - it was only about 1mm thick!.
Anyway, it worked OK on our hols - well, the sun was shining a bit.
 Proper glare and everything. Thanks what you get with a scratched plastic camera lens - virtual perfection. Cost me a £1 some years ago that did.

Was a bit too hot this day I seemed to recall. had to spend an inordinate amount of time in a cafe squaffing cooling drinks - and spending the time watching people go by, or not.

Lisbon is nice for that.

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Roy Karlsvik said...

Some very nice glare for your pound there! And a nice piece of thin plastic it was as well.
I hope it's repairable in one way or the other. It might be worth to take it outside on the island, on a dreich, rainy and low light kind of day?