Sunday, February 26, 2017

on a ferry

Proper Portuguese and everything looking very smart as we crossed the river - to get to the other side.

Please don't just sit there looking at the snap!
Say something.

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Roy Karlsvik said...

I've been sitting inside quite a few ferries up through the years. We're getting used to that, living in this tiny corner of the world. Fjords and stuff we always seem to want to be at the other side of, as if the grass is any greener over there?!
I can't say I ever saw a proper portugalian though, carrying his age and his bag in this sort of way on board any of the ferries I traveled on.
And things looks very different inside the ferry itself as well. Except from the life west signs. They are IMO and SOLAS things, made to be recognized by whoever we are and wherever we come from. Pretty clever, actually. Oh, and it's a nice snap with some good use of colors and all. And I like it.
And I said something... A lot, as it happens :)