Friday, August 04, 2017

I get out you know

Took the liberty to go out over the West Side of the island in the hot sunshine to attend the Carloway Show. Name the dead fish, hit a nail on the head, knock a brown eatery thing off a pole, jumping up and down to tunes, jumping up and over - for fun presumably, tossing the big stick, throwing the bag of stuff, and posing. All the goings on from a fine show. Plus the cooking of the animal bits, tea, cakes, drawings, photos [not guilty] and a huge cabbage that must be growing on one of the cupboards  in a classroom there as it was there a few years ago - I'm sure.
Met lovely peeps, ate ice-cream, met more peeps and dogs, sheeps, horses and coows. Oh what a day. Suffered for it mind. Had to go to bed when i got home :-(

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