Thursday, August 03, 2017

Old camera, old film, same old, same old

What's this about then?
Well, hang on a bit, I'll tell you.

I took the clunky somewhat dodgy Kiev 60 out for a spin the other day. When I say I say 'spin' I mean I dragged the heavy lumpen thing around nearly putting my shoulder out of joint. These are a big piece of metal let me tell you. Having said that, the glass is rather good - if the shutter is firing ok and the winding on of the film works.

Since I'm a cheapskate, I loaded the Kiev with some old Shanghai GP3 film I got from a pal. I used to use this film a lot at one time. It was cheap and rather good - and cheap. Did I say Cheap? Only the last batch I used - and I suspect this was from the last batch made - was awful. I mean, really awful. at least this roll didn't have the backing paper numbers imprinted on the film . Anyway, I saw this interesting scum line at Cuddy Point and shot it. The peaty water from the Creed river was being washed right in there by the horrible easterly wind that prevented us / dissuaded us from sailing earlier in the day.


gz said...

interesting sky too

Roy Karlsvik said...

I like it lots.
And I like the Shanghai GP3 as well, or at least I used to like it.
As you quite rightly mention, it had it's hickups during it's last stages in life... and the worst restult of that was of course the numbers from the backing paper etching themselves onto the emulsion itself.
Thanks for the reminder though. I think I still got a few rolls cooking somewhere deep inside the big drawer. I need to pull them out of there at some point.

Harvey said...

Very nice, shows there's still plenty to be done by the old.

Michael McNeill said...