Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I did look

My sister keeps bees. Keeps them in boxes in gardens and fields - that sort of thing. All free range too, once they climb out of the little holes into and out of the boxes that is. I have never understood the facination of them to be honest. I know we cannot live without them, they make honey as well but don't ask me to play with them. Only the other day, for the first time I donned a Porton Down outfit and got up close. For a little bit.

See, this is sister Lynne and her co-conspirator plus Ron who seemed to have got press-ganged.

Some of Lyne's pets. I say 'pets' but they do have to work for a living producing honey by the bucket loads.

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astrobeck said...

that first one is quite special. A bee portrait of sorts.
I love bees and have a few as pets myself. I don't like all that buzzing though...