Saturday, January 13, 2018

Dear Eve

She is just lovely.

I took her portrait the tother day with some paper instead of film, developed then peeled, shoved in the enlarger and printed.
Now, don't all rush to pinch my idea.

It didn't do any good. Eve fell over later, slipped on grassy stuff. Banged her back leg and ended up in A&E for the afternoon, skiving. She'd gone back to work then fell over again in her office as all the blood rushed out her bonce. She's better now.

Sorry about yesterday's post. Me marbles were rolling around all over the place.


Graham Edwards said...

Your previous post bamboozled me. As a portrait this one might not do for an identification poster but then it's not meant to so.... Very sorry to hear of Eve's mishap(s). I hope she is fully recovered.

gz said...

hope Eve is recovered xx