Saturday, July 07, 2018

Me 'ed's in tickets

My head is in a mess actually. The "Me 'eds in Tickets" quote comes from an esteemed colleague with whom I shared the same workplace some years previously to this point in my life. It's a pointless quote to remember at my age only it sums up this visual realisation of a point in time somewhere o'er the water nicely.

I'm beginning to think I did something right that week. I have a few marks on film that I like. "I like" I said. I'm not expecting you to like it but all the same you should at least tell me why you don't. I'm beginning to think you are a female tennis player scratching her bum Athena poster type liking person rather than an art snob like myself.


Harvey said...

Get ye to a room of dark and lith! Please?! See I really like this, sometimes I think you’re turning me to the deep but that’s fine. I like depth. Surface takes you there but depth brings you back.
I never had the scratchy bum poster, worried me what was making her itch!

Andrea Ingram said...


astrobeck said...

Im a right up snob myself..
Yes, darkness and lith..with maybe a hint of light will do.

Roy Karlsvik said...

Nothing bad said about the tennis player bum, I strongly feel the urge to add that this one looks even better. I second the quest for a lith version, though :)