Saturday, December 19, 2009

Davina, Dee, Dozey, Beaky, Michele and Tiny

"Good morning Carolyn" I offer on entering the wonderful little pharmacy in Bac[k].

"Hoo's ya fettle?" Carolyn retorts since she hails from sunny Newcastle - that's NewcAstle with the emphasis on the A. So I'm told.

Well, as it happens my fettle is just fine and since I'm aware that The Pharmacist is just checking to see if I am going to reel off a list of ailments, I tell her my fettle is fine. Carolyn visibly relaxes with relief.

Then I list my ailments. She expects that you see and I wouldn't want to dissapoint.
I don't actually. I couldn't do that to her. Not everyday anyway. So I say "Champion". That's Newcastle for "I'm just fine and thank you for asking".

Paul, her sporty husband bounds in with Glen the hound trailing behind, the dog looking for all the world like he going to rip my leg off and have it for breakfast. But this dog is nice.
However, he still guards the entrance of the pharmacy as if its his own. And I suppose it varnigh is really.
Still, the boy Paul is a canny lad, refrains from asking about ones 'slapper' and bounds out to climb Clisham before luncheon or something.

Not sure how we would all cope without Carolyn and her Elvetts in the pharmacy so here's a hearty thanks for everything in 2009 and best wishes for 2010.

BTW; Did I ever tell you about Carolyn reading bedtime stories to her pet sheeps -Davina, Dee, Dozey, Beaky, Michele and Tiny? No? Well, remind me sometime and I will.

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Julio F said...

Nice stories. Andrea, you must photograph that reading session.