Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back at work.

Despite a fresh sprinkling of snow this morning which caused another car to crash on the straight road from Tolsta, I'm back at work. That's why I'm here because I have not been called out and obviously I've been revising my techniques ready for when I am :-)
Spent an hour or so meditating in the dentists chair this morning as she remodelled a post ready for crowing soon. Be glad when that's all over too.
Have not been doing much photographising of late but I have been in the darkroom a little and snap above was one I prepared earlier from the Isle of Bernera.
Nice thing at this time of year is to hear from folks you have not heard from a while - so many thanks to all have been in touch. We do think of you all up here on our island.

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Julio F said...

Nice reflection in the water from the beautiful sky. How nice to be able to capture that light and keep it in your negative.

Happy New Year to you!