Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in North Tolsta

Christmas Morning on the beach
Happy Christmas from me - Andrea

Well, for us Church of England and other Christians of that ilk, today was for celebrating the birth of Christ. For many in the village who are members of the free or pentecostal churches this is not the case - as I understand it. In fact, someone was using the lovely weather to get their washing out into the fresh warm and sunny air that blessed us this morning.

Eve & I and a couple of friends - Kate & Steve - strolled down to a local beach to consort with the world and exchange pleasantries in our own way. It was just wonderful. I have never really enjoyed a morning like it - except for the ice on the way down the steep path. The dogs had a wonderful time too.

On the way home, we called into see The Crofter and family to bid them the very best of the season then made our way to some more friends - The Smits - for a shared dinner and admiring of Ms Smits new dolls house - one we had assembled it. Brilliant food, wonderful company and we waved goodbye rather later than we intended. So then it was off to see The Crofters again for a chat then home to drink good health with the neighbours before we slumped into a chair at home.
What a lovely day.

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