Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bird, swine, normal, whatever

It seems I have flu. Been laid low for a couple of days with hacking cough that feels like its ripping the inside of my throat out - which as a result is sore. I'm hot. Then cold, and sweaty.

Does that sound like flu?

It feels like flu. Me heads swimming and my right leg is cold. Why is that? Don't look on tinternet or you'll think I've had a stroke - which I haven't thank goodness.
What I need is TLC and luckily I'm getting plenty from my dear Eve - pictured above.

As a result I've missed working tonight and have not ventured outside into the cold and snow. Which is such a pity since I was looking forward to snapping up the white stuff.
Ah well. Will get better soon I'm sure


windy said...

take care & GWS, I'm sure Eve will look after you

Tom said...

I generally do not leave comments here, I follow your blog and happen to like it and your art quite a bit.
That being said,
Feel better and You are very lucky to have such a wonderful and Pretty Partner to take care of you!

Andrea Ingram said...

Many thanks both