Monday, December 21, 2009

Normal - or as normal as I can be.

Had a tortuous night in the Summer Parlour so that Eve could get a nights sleep. It's a nice room that houses the pooter, the settee and a small solid fuel stove. There are some photos on the wall including a couple of nice cyanotypes and a gap where my Lewis peat stack snap used to be - and now hangs in the Coelyns abode - and that please me a lot.

Since I'm still confined to quarters with the dreaded, and I find myself experiencing hot sweats at the moment, I am using the time usefully to keep you up to date Not sure if its the stove going into furnace mode or me that's making me feel hot. That's the thing about stoves like this, it all depends on the wind direction and air pressure which makes cooking with the Raeburn a dark-art.
After some mindfulness meditation this morning I finally worked out why I had a cold leg yesterday. I found it wasn't a cold leg after all. It was a hot leg which made the other one feel cold and this could have been brought about by me sitting across the front of the stove warming one leg to gas mark 7.
Anyway, just in case someone from work is reading this, I'm still indisposed and my colleagues will have to go out and wrestle the miscreants to the grounds for me.

I'm had a root around my snaps file and I have found this one for your delictation;
Sir Christopher Hoy - triple Olympic cycling champion back when he was mortal training at the Manchester Velodrome. Some when around the turn of the century :-)

Oh, and many thanks for the get-well-soon messages; much appreciated

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Anonymous said...

Greetings from Down Under and to say how much we enjoy your blog - your photography is exquisite. It is currently 39degrees celsius, and we are envious of your White Christmas. We are using this medium as we do not have your actual addres, to wish you both all the best for Christmas and the New Year. M and M