Thursday, December 24, 2009

Not normal. Not anything really

2008 snow

Look, I'll have you know we have no snow here. Well, just a smidgen hanging on in the cold weather. However, in true winter stylee, we can see loads out there on the mainland where the big mountains shine white - or at least pinkish - in the morning sun.

I say this as its all I can see out of the window as this flipping flu is hanging on for dear life. My stuffed rabbit - Lord Wiesmier - has been giving my funny looks of late in bed as I sweat uncontrollably and then freeze as I cool down and stoke the fire. its not easy you know.

It seems my work chum's wife has gone down with the lurgee too so goodness knows what is going to happen if William goes down with it.

And The Crofter is down with it. I hear that he is not blaming me. Which is surprising since I did go and visit him in the early stages when I thought it was just a cough. Mum & Dad crofter are now in Crofter Towers looking after the animals and generally patting The Crofter's sweated brow. I have been invited to come and photograph on Christmas Morning and, if I feel a bit better I might just do that. I had planned that.
So, here's a very hearty thanks to all you who read this blog and very best wishes for a fine 2010.

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windy said...

Merry Xmas to you both and all the best for 2010