Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Red light district

Royston and Ziggy watch as a couple of joggers stagger past.

Mr Windy paid a visit today and stayed while his wife Deanne took the barking dog out for a run on the beach. So, I switched the red light light on and disappeared into the darkroom with Mr Windy for a while. In no time Mr Windy had learnt the art of wasting paper and produced some fine little prints for the first time. Nice.

No doubt, once Mr Windy has got the wardrobe made at la Maison du Vent he will be sloshing light sensitive paper around in chemicals and making fine prints.

I didn't make any snaps today so here's a few from a few days ago from a couple of local strolls.

1 comment:

windy said...

Thanks A. It was magic!