Monday, July 11, 2011


 Harris Half marathon


After our lovely sojourn I 'arris we came home as I was working - on call anyway. Then it rained. The golfers on the mainland must have had enough of it and sent it over here. So, after a nice stroll up t'road to nowhere - and back in the morning I sloshed some developer around a film I had exposed in the little Petri7s then sat back and looked at the images. I do believe they are getting better every time I shoot these days - even though I say it myself. To me there is something about a snap that gives you an expression of something rather than the thing itself - which is, to me at least - altogether too boring.

No doubt The Coelyns and Leica man won't agree although Toots probably will since he is a happy man at present.

I was lucky enough to see the Harris Yoof half-four mile run [ that's 2 miles if you left school a long time back] so got this magnificent shot you see at the top :-)


gz said...

to get the spirit of something is good indeed- but what of the fear that being photographed could steal one's soul?

Snap Happy Chappie said...

I think they are both very nice pictures and I couldn't agree more with what you say about capturing the essence of a scene/subject rather than the thing itself. keep them coming!