Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I suggest it's all going to get messy in the next three days. I just had that sort of feeling as I came back on the ferry from a brief sojourn in Ullapool. The old boat was heaving with festival goers set for a few days of music and ,,,,, and something.

 Whoa! The world's falling over!

Not sure if he has a licence for those legs. Sorry.

You looking at me?

 Ullapool is a nice place -especially when the sun is shining, the ice-creams are melting and dogs are driving cars !! Eh? Yep, at least I think so.
The sun shone all day, the tea was drunk, the chips sober and fun was had.

I love the island I live on but it is lovely to visit the mainland from time to time - when the sea is calm and all that. Now that's done I must get the peats in - Donald four tractors has been round to see when I want trailer services so we must bag the stuff up.


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Lovely pictures - especially the first two.