Thursday, July 14, 2011


It's all happening in town at the mo. There's a festival on - two tallish ships came in this morning and I, taking the opportunity went aboard one. It's a ship from the Netherlands. Now, I was rather expecting an old ship, beautiful grained wood held together with bolts and nails put in by peoples of times long gone. This one was steel, built in 1989 and equipped with all the latest electronic kit. I was gutted. Granted there was another tallish ship out by Arnish shipyard - Polish by all accounts - and that looked a tad older.

Anyway, I had Mr Leica's camera at the time and shot a couple of shots of crew aboard the metal sailing ship before leaving feeling a bit low. For some reason this little visit mad me really upfed. I wonder why?

 Tonight, I might go and listen to some music and photograph drunk people :-)

 A dog walking his man in Ullapool
Rocks and water - Ullapool stylee


gz said...

you just expect tall ships to be made of wood

Tony Giles said...

Just been into town to look at the ships - it was absolutely heaving in town so you should be able to get lots of photographs of drunk people.

Enjoy the music.