Saturday, September 24, 2011


 Eve checking this beach is where it should be. It was.

Me, using a film up. Nicely.

The coffee was on when we called in to see Mr Windy today - whilst the wind and rain raged outside. I saw the new bike box, cuddled Harry the doogie and had a chat. A pre-L'Eroica chat. And yes, Eve's bruises are going and the cut knee healing.

We pre-packed Eve's 1961 Eroba-Race bike when we got home just to make sure it fits the old bike bag - it did. Then we panicked a bit since we weren't sure we'd informed the airline about the big bag. Still not sure either. And, since the weather is a tad on the rough side, we are wondering which route to take to Inverness where our air transport will be waiting for us to take us eventually to Italy. If we go by ferry - or try to - the weather just may be too rough and it won't go [depends rather which way the wind is blowing - and I HATE rough crossings anyway - 3 hours] . There's another ferry down on Harris that goes to Skye [1.5 hours] but then there's the little matter of getting from there to Inverness. We could fly to Inverness from Stornoway just down the road, but the planes are small and cannot always take bikes. What to do??

Meanwhile I scan a roll of colour film taken with a point and shoot I found in a cupboard. Not sure I like colour but I do like these two snaps.

This is older. I like it.

Later; Eve found some old currency from my earlier travels - 2.5m Boliviano from Bolivia as it happens. Were rich!!! I think it's about 9 pence these days looking at the devaluation . I remember having to change money every day as the inflation was a tad high - and we think it's bad in the UK now !!!!.

Oh, and now a Chilean Peso note - 500 pesos. Brilliant, that's another 62p then.

I'll hang on to the Guilders, Pesetas and French Francs for when the Euro finally falls over :-)

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gz said...

So you have the Equinox weather I was expecting!
It has been very pleasant down here, although it is raining now- it is allowed, it is nighttime!!