Thursday, October 06, 2011


Two tired and hot cyclists at the end of their ride; Mr Windy and Eve.

Well, we are back. Back after a drive across Italy to the airport, a flight to the UK and another to Scotland, a coach journey the next day to the coast and a rough ferry ride this morning. Mr Windy and Deanne are still suffering in the heat of Italy!

L'Eroica event was fantastic - and no doubt I will post some more snaps from that soon. The weather was VERY hot. I mean, 35-40 degrees C. Eve and Mr Windy rode brilliantly for their 135 km over tarmac roads and the white gravel roads of Tuscany.


gz said...

They certainly look as they deserve all the praise they get and more!

windy said...

It was 'fun' - a wonderful day on the bike :-)