Friday, October 07, 2011

Cool tool

Mr Neil Orrell.

Eve and I were in Italy with Mr Windy and Deanne. Stephen, Sonja and the Smit-lings were meant to have been there too only Stephan got unwell and couldn't come. Twas a real pity and we missed them all greatly. It was also a pity since Stephan was meant to be riding my old bike which Neil Orrell -of Neil Orrell Cycles -had renovated for me some years back. I wanted him to see the bike being ridden again. Still, we met up for a chin-wag in Gaiole over a glass of cool water or something. Neil and his pal Daryl - were riding L'Eroica too and got around the 75km route despite the baking conditions. 

Meanwhile Stephan, Sonja and the Smit-lings were braving the storms at home !

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