Saturday, January 21, 2012

The day I spoke about a motorised settee then envisioned The Crofter sat in his hot front room in his boxer shorts, perspiring as thrash metal rattles his windows

The snow has gone

The snow has gone but the hail stones persist - along with a cold wind from the NW which fair chilled the bones on a little stroll to the village shoppe for some smoked mackerel and reading matter. I was reeling from an earlier conversation with The Crofter who had mended his ailing heating system so now his TV room is like an over-heated sauna. The thought of the crofting man sat in his boxers with his re-claimed sound system rattling the windows as a denture-less Bodach peers through window trying to raise his attention doesn't bear thinking about too much.

Hold that thought though - just for a moment. Then my waking dream of me piloting a motorised settee around the village with Eve and I on board won't seem so bad.

I must ease up on the Camomile tea!


windy said...

Something like this then ;-)

lovely picture :-)

Iain said...

Go with that motorised sofa idea......and don't forget the photos!

Iain said...

Hi Windy, A great vid/YTube link. I think the sofa should have had it on points for sheer class!