Saturday, January 21, 2012

The day it rained a little and we waited for the storm to come in. Again.

 The Great Alexander swots

Toots pretends to look at images of Mr Kenna [whilst giving me a black look ].

There's a very famous series of lovely photographs by one Andre Kertsz entitled 'On Reading'. Go on, take a look through the link while I just wait here a few moments.

Lovely aren't they? Yes, ok that's enough for now, you can go back and look at them later. Obviously there are a lot of images to gaze at admiringly. And they were properly printed on real silver gelatine paper don't you know - the sort that's light sensitive and you slosh with chemicals to get the image to show and to stick so to speak. I do that that too - only as yet these two images have not been through that process.

The Coelyns are often telling me I should do a series of snaps rather than the odd one here and there. I suppose The Croft images do that a bit but perhaps I should develop this little series. Any offers for me to come and photograph you??


steve said...

Mr. Kertsz's photos seem messy and full of life when compared to Mr. Kenna's. Ms. Ingram's photos seem to embody both the cool simplicity of Kenna and the liveliness of Kertsz. Just my opinion, I could be wrong. Word verification: atinol. Isn't that a developer?

mbt said...

Any offers for me to come and photograph you??

We're sat here waiting - best bring warm clothing...

oh and brandy might help!

Andrea Ingram said...

Ok, I'm on my way. Get the brushes ready - I'll do a re-take of the last one :-)