Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The day I went to town to replace the broken washing machine

Consumer capitalism at work

There's wet washing hanging all over the place. Newspaper on the floor to catch the drips as the un-spun washing relieves itself of water. The machine that washes the clothes for us broke last evening. The spindle thing that holds the drum thing seems to have given up the ghost - and it's only 15 years old! Goodness, things are not meant to last these days are they?

The tunnel was long and dark with running water in the bottom. I inserted myself into it feet first and pulled my bod along, somehow floating on the water. When I got to the daylight, the exit was vertical with handrails but I managed to pull myself up feet-first without drowning myself in the process. I found myself on a roof with steps to my left, a bit drop over some windows on my right. I took the steps. Then I woke up. Eh? What was all that about then?

Time for a coffee me thinks.

And no Sir, it was not you in the green suit. Trust me. If it was, I would have never got in the bath with you :-)

Edit; I now have a new washing machine - delivered the same day and at a better price than the new discount store. From here. Highly recommended shop 


The Barefoot Crofter said...

I wonder if your dream is connected to the opening of the new shoppe, and the slippery slope thereof. I was in town yesterday an noticed how busy it was - what were all these people buying that they couldn't already get? xx

Laurie said...

Washing machine=my favorite invention! Don't mind beating my clothes against rocks when I'm out backpacking but a whole family's worth of clothing and linens? Ack!