Monday, January 23, 2012

The day the sun shone - until it rained again.

You can see how strong the sun was today - it spontaneously combusted this person who'd just struggled down from the Dr's, got past the entrance to The County then 'whoosh' there was only feet left. Luckily it rained again soon after and washed the dust away. We are just not used to warmth here I can tell you.

I awoke this morning having had a bath with a man who was wearing a green 3 piece suit. It was a dream I might add. I knew the man. His daughter lives in France now. Can't blame her really if he bathes in his green suit. Must try the Roibos tea!

BTW; snap taken with Fujica SLR and Kodak Fine grained Positive film. Yes, Kodak is still here!

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mbt said...

If you were 40 years older you could've been a script writer for the Goons....