Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blogging; what's that all about then?

The other day I received an email. Not in itself a strange affair only this was not offering millions from Nigeria once I'd sent my bank details, neither was it another piece of spam from the union but a request from someone to waffle on in my own inimitable way about blogging.

Oh, by the way, did you read the post about Eve and I going to waltzing lessons? No, well, go back and do that first then come here again.
Waltzing not wrestling

Nice eh? Since then we have done a minuscule bit of practice, notably on the beach the other evening - in the rain. I mean, eat your heart out Mr Vettriano. Having said that we had no singing buitler although we did hear some wierd noises coming from a nearby cave which turned out to be Sammi the seal.

Right, where was i? Ah, blogging. No idea why I do it to be honest! It just seemed like a good idea at the time - a few years ago. Whoa! six years ago! How did that happen? Some time life just passes so quickly. A bit like last night when Eve work me up in the morning just as I was in my death throes - in a dream thank goodness. I seem to be dreaming a lot at the moment. Why is that?

I take snaps. With proper film cameras and all. Well, most of them are proper. The one I used today cost me 99p [plus P&p] and even when I tried to give it away I couldn't. Look above, Eh? It almost takes passable snaps - when you point it in the right direction and keep it level when you use the self-timer and everything. And when I do or don't do those things and I have spent good time and money developing the flippin things and perhaps even printing then in the darkroom [where I might add, Monster, one of the local cats spent the night after being locked in there by mistake - and peed and pood everywhere - leaving me a tiresome job to do before I could sloosh the chemicals about to mask the smell] I might want to show them to someone.  Or I might not. Either way I might scan the image onto the pooter and regale you all with tales of this and that that keep me amused and might just arouse a smidgin of interest out there in the virtual world. You never know.

Mr Crofter's Hebridean Sheeps.

Like this snap, taken coming back from the beach and meeting Sammi and the waltzing and all that. Mr Crofter's sheep were lurking near the old pathway so I snapped them up with the 99p camera - and they didn't seem to care at all. Perhaps I should have taken the Hassleblad, they might have perked up a bit then.
See, if you followed that link you'd realise I 'do' two blogs. How wasteful is that? Well, not at all since the other blog is a sort of documentary of a man in mud. I love the work of James Ravilious and Rax you see and try to emulate/pay homage too/copy them.

Now I come to think about it, I'm still not sure why I write them. I shall sleep on it, dream a little more and come back with the answer soon.


gz said...

We're glad that you do share your images and writings
x gz

MalcolmJ said...

My day starts with looking at your Blog, down here in Glos. mj

Ian said...

Dancing on the beach - wonderful :)

Ian said...
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Laurie said...

Want you to know that I referenced your site re: the glories of film. My son is studying film production and is having to use actual film now, in his second year. He can barely remember the pre-digital age, and after two days of filming, now has to wait to see if anything actually came out-hard for this generation used to instant everything! But he is learning to appreciate film, light and shadow.