Monday, February 27, 2012

Jane and Ted [and not forgetting Murphy ]



This is Ted [look at the top snap] and this is Jane [now you can look at the bottom one]. Easy wasn't it, eh?
Jane and Ted live in a lovely house by the side of a beautiful green field on a hill over-looking a Peak or two. 

They are not married, despite Jane being a little pregnant. For Jane is married to Rodney who was away on 'business' in Oman at the time. Business being chasing men in lycra who are riding bikes around the countryside. That sort of thing anyway. 

Ted is not married at all. He does catch birds from time to time though. And frightens the life out you in the middle of the night when he jumps up onto your bed to see if it was going to be warm and comfy there. It was warm but I made sure it wasn't comfy. He didn't ask first did he?

Murphy was there too. Murphy is big and timid. I mean big as in Maine Coon big and timid as in like a wimp.   But I did like him even though he frightened the life out of me when he jumped [very noisily I might add] into his cot [yes, you read it right! ], into his COT in the room we were sleeping in. I turned the light on and gave him a very stern look I can tell you. 

He didn't want his photo taken though. And I respect that.

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steve said...

Ted is no delicate flower either.