Wednesday, February 29, 2012

knitting yoghurt

Hector was going the other way. Down that way [pointing to my right]. I was going straight on over there [gestures uselessly ]. The sheeps were going wherever they wanted to in the main. Hector wanted them on his croft so he could do something or other with them. Or to them probably.
Sheeps on the move

Sheeps are often not the most cooperative creatures - even when they not as old as the previously oldest sheeps in the world who lived at the other end of the village. Until she feel off the cliff! Moving sheeps the right way is like knitting yoghurt. Which to be quite honest is not easy at all.

I had a visitation from The Artist formerly called Jon this morning. Always a lovely experience. I'm now over-excited about the resurrection of my matchbox pinhole camera so expect some well-nice snaps in the near future.

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