Thursday, March 01, 2012

Well, got through that day!

 Portrait of a Yorkshire horse


This was dear Mater in her younger days. She certainly had a style about her. And I love the photo too, the pose, the tones and everything. I'm not usually that keen on posed portraits but this one and the one of my father are winning me round.

The reason why I blog - the thought process behind it [ as if ] and the actuality of it has been worrying away at me for the last few days. Ever since Mr Radford posited the idea of a post about it. The more I think about it, the less I can sort it out in my head! 

At least I can show the snaps I take without real reason - like this one from a recent trip to Yorkshire. I can waffle on about nothing for any reason at all. I can even write unfathomable headlines too.  I fact, having no editor is just brilliant - except that there is no-one to point out that I have left the odd letter stuck to my finger rather than on the page!


Anonymous said...

The great pleasure we get in viewing your blog is reason enough alone. Our warmest regards and appreciation of your words and pictures. From Down Under. M and M

Ian said...

Lovely pictures - had to look hard to see the horse tho' ;D