Friday, May 18, 2012


Did I tell you there are beaches here? No? Well, there are beaches here. No longer can you suggest I have not told you there beaches here. My work is done.

Snap; no crackle, no pop.

This snap was taken behind the beach here near the village. You'll just have to imagine the beach all white and,..... and well, sandy I suppose. I took this snap here because that's where I was walking with The Dog that barks. I felt a picture coming on and gave into it. I have little ability to give up the opportunity to snap up something when it presents itself to me - even if it isn't a beach. Actually, particularly when it's not a beach. At least you see something here. There's not horizontal rain and howling wind. Come to think of it, the wind may have been howling hence the walk behind the beach!

I spent the morning today firstly playing with a little man while his mum chatted to her OU examiner on t'dog and bone. A hour well spent if I may say so since Mum did well, I got paid for being there and everyone was happy. Except for Thomas the Tank Engine whom I noticed on the tv there seems to have got himself in a spot of bother - in water actually. Must have been the news programme I suppose!

Secondly I visited the nice quack who listened to my tummy and found no end of abstract tunes. Nice tunes though I'm told - so that's alright then.

And the sun is shining. Remember that ?

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gz said...

I'll remember that!