Friday, June 01, 2012

White rabbits


Yes, it was this hot on the Isle of Lewis last weekend. The beach felt very Mediterranean and caught me without the exposure meter which meant I overexposed. Ah well, rather looks like a lith print now so can't be all bad. Gone somewhat colder now but still lovely - talking of which Eve has cycled to work again today.
Anne sings the Bird Book

Our intended next visitor is somewhat in disposed at present so we are wishing her a fine rest with The Pirate. [all code you see]. Our last visitors are now at home in Yorkshire from whence they came via Barra. I presume Anne has got the tune right now.

I seem to have hit a less than adventurous strain of blogging of late. Maybe it's because I lost my phone, or Pushkin is unwell again, or perhaps because I'm pre-occupied with the Oiseval Gallery at Brue. I shall endeavour to bring some interest into this in the near future. Bear with me.

The Hulk

 Lucky eh? Yes, Chinese Lucky colour film that I managed to scan incorrectly making somewhat like old IR colour film. I like it and the Farrier was a hulk too :-)

Pushkin is unwell

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Laurie said...

Hope Mr. Pushkin feels better soon.