Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ensconced in darkness

Flowers in the window

Ensconced I was. In there while the sun didn't shine outside for a change. It was Lith printing that took me in there. I love doing that process I must say. You just shove the neg in, shine the light on some old out of date darkroom paper, throw it in lith developer and voila', you have a print. If you take it out on time, and if the shining bit was just the right length of time and the wind in in the west that is.

Since there was some Forte Elegance FB paper lurking about the place, I used that for this print of the flowers - complete with horizontal line from the pinhole camera! Obviously, that's so no-one can fake the print.

Mr Pushhkin

Then I threw some Agfa MCC under the enlarger with a negative impression of Mr Pushhkin below. Look how it came out. Doesn't he look regal? I think he's probably royalty or something - I treat him as if he were anyway, just in case. I showed this print to His Highness Pushhkin and he indicated he liked it and could show it to others. So here it is.


Iain said...

All cats believe themselves to be of blue-blood, I believe. They certainly treat the rest os us as their lackeys. Love the prints......great texturey/grainy feel to them. Hope the weather's still with you all up there.

Laurie said...

Love both of those!