Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Missed it

No, I've no idea what it is either - but I do like it. Came out of the pinhole camera today. Thought there might be an image of Pushhkin in there but no, there was this. To be honest, there was an image of dear old Pushhkin, but I showed it to him, he asked me not to blog it. I respect that.

I emerged into unexpected sunshine as I stumbled out of the darkroom today. Still not much rain here. I spent an hour or so making Lith prints - which, I might add, I may get round to showing here. If I like them when they dry.

Meanwhile I'm enjoying the Brits riding in the tdf with Mr Wiggins leading and Mr Froome in third place at the time of writing. Brilliant riding. I shall be listening to the results as they come in - on t'radio.

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