Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mind over matter

Me, meditating.

I don't usually meditate in bed. If I do I am liable to fall asleep and that's just not the point. However, it does really look like here I might have under lain the top duvet for a while as I contemplated my breath for a while. I might have been posing. You never know.

I've not long completed a little led -meditation in the Summer Parlour in front of the now lit fire. A small fire merely to look at I tell you. I listened to the calming tones of Mathew Manning - as he lurks awaiting on my hard-disk somewhere most of the time but comes out to help my meditation if I ask him too.

Some years ago I had the pleasure of attending a Mindfulness Meditation course at the Manchester Buddhist Centre with a group called Breathworks. It was time well spent I can tell you. Brings me back from the brink every time, helps me through life and gives me an excuse to do nothing from time to time. 

The snap came from the pinhole camera, loaded with Fuji Acros and souped in Promicrol.

I know, I have changed the format of the blog. I'm not sure I like it yet. Do you?
We still have the links and what have you on the right if you take your pointer-thing that way - although I tried it on Toot's Ipad and it looked a little different. Over-apple-ed I shouldn't wonder.

PS. It has been mentioned that that new format [now changed back] asked you to log on. So, have gone back to old ways!

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gz said...

I'm not too sure about the new look...especially the drop down bit that appears just after the page loads, asking me to click on it to sign in......

Meditating is good. We do get too busy.