Monday, November 05, 2012

I believe!

Yes, I believe.

It's the sort of question that one gets asked around this island. My pal The Artist formerly known as Jon got asked that at 10am in the morning the other day whilst queuing up for tickets. Granted it was tickets for the Dawkins lecture in An Lanntair but still.....

As it happens, I listened to the talk on the local radio - and the other one before it by a Minister of some ilk - but not the local ilk it seems. He wasn't a creationist after all. That meant he got a bit in the ear at one time from the live audience. Oh well, I found it fascinating  And Prof Dawkins was interesting too. A fantastic speaker - so much so that the Wee Frees would be keen on having him preach - if only he believed. But, he's agnostic.

Vandyke print of an old camera [still wet] 

I believe my pals I work with have The Faith. Same book different beliefs though. How does that work then? Belief that's how.

Yes, I believe.
Not the "I believe" of some, or any over-dogmatic grouping based on some reading of a book. I believe in belief itself. Belief itself is the key. It keeps you on track, sane and healthy. Yes, I believe that.
I think.

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