Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Excuse me, I may have shown this before but it bears repeating. In the cicumstances

Trust me, this is Mrs Up Yours McIver. Her of Unbound blog. No, don't go there. [I can say this today because she is currently swanning around down on Harris]. Mrs Up Yours has finally lost the plot  - I say finally but of course this just may be a stage of 'losing it'. Either way, I have no idea what on earth she is writing about - although to be honest, I feel strangely compelled to read it. No, don't be tempted!

The snap you see presented before you was taken as a paper neg stuck in the back of a box camera, long exposure with deliberate movement, the neg developed then peeled, stuck in an enlarger, enlarged onto silver gelatin paper then selectively sepia toned by accidentally dripping bleach on the print when it was washing. I love the print.


Keith said...

This one is very nice - I like the texture color and composition


Dorothy Ross MacIver said...

D'you know I like this picture too Love, Mrs Up Yours.
PS - you're just jealous I haven't offered to design YOU a Smirking Jacket, Andrea)PPS: I'm not blogging today - I am keeping by flights of fancy all to myself - urgg, the pain! :)