Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Her Highness Henrietta Cartier Bresson wishes to announce she in in foal [or something like that]

We are just back from the feline physician. HHHCB's personal one that is. HHHCB likes her. Most of the time that is - except when her temperature needs ascertaining perhaps. But other than that they get on well.

Today was no exception as all she needed was a little examination of her self. We thought perhaps we might have been feeding her too much. HHHCB's tum was a tad big and she was always asking for food. Then we noticed her nipples [excuse me mentioning this Your Highness] were pink and bigger than normal. A light suddenly went on in my head. And we were right too. HHHCB is in foal - or is at least a mother to be. How lovely is that? A lot really. Only it wasn't planned. No doubt some street-wise ragamuffin alley cat from her former home area defiled her and no doubt will deny all his future responsibilities. Men eh?

Anyway, HHHCB is loved here and her cat-lettes will be loved too till they find new homes. And that shouldn't be too hard since HHHCB is practically royalty anyway.

But if I find out who that ragamuffin alley cat is................

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Dorothy Ross MacIver said...

:) cat-lettes - only you!