Monday, March 25, 2013

They came from Jupiter

The other day, a catastrophe came upon me and my camera. My bag fell orf the chair and collided abruptly with the floor. Inside that bag was my Kiev4 adorned as it happens with a Jupiter12 of my acquaintance  It was jammed. Couldn't move the lens at all - not even to take if off the camera. I recalled the incident here . The camera lies inert on a shelf awaiting an inevitable coating of dust.

Now, thanks to the very kind Keith Thompson of Toronto - yes that's Toronto CaNada - I have a ltm version to fit my Zorki. How kind is that? Very as it happens - and it's a lovely lens too. Now, you must go and have a look at this article by the very same gentleman - about cameras I might add. Go on, I'll wait here........

See, it was worth it wasn't it?
This is what I call a wall

I took the lovely little lens out this weekend on the Zorki6 in the biting cold wind that has been blowing from the east - seemingly for ever. The road to our village had to dug out twice this week, no not snow but sand blown in from the nearby dunes. Eve and I went over to Great Bernera - see yesterdays post and everything. I managed a few shots through the lens - even though I did have to compromise on the viewfinder front since my old Kodak one does not see eye 2 eye with the Soviet Zorki6.

This boat stood still long enough for me to make a hash of framing it as did the bridge below. Here, there are 'some stones' in the way. This is way to Great Bernera from our island - the Isle of Lewis. Nice eh?

Did manage a snap of a Mill though. Out over the hill we went to get here - such a lovely place to be - if your ears wern't about to be frozen off!

So, many many thanks to Kieth Thompson for this lovely lens. It will be my main lens I am sure :-)

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Keith said...

Andrea, I wanted nothing to keep you from you wonderful landscapes . . .