Monday, March 11, 2013

Stop start sort of day

This is the nth time I have commenced the blog-work. The leci has been going on and off like the MV Muirneags sailing schedule - in the winter. No idea what's going on but at least the washing machine thing finished it's business before the chaos started.

The weather is so lovely here at the moment - I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear - that my planned for darkroom session that would have been thwarted anyway by Messers Scottish Hydro - was put on the back burner and I strolled the village taking in the sunshine. Mr Four Tractors was out on one of his crofts re-fencing it and showing me the soft mossy ground. Lovely I thought.
Then I met The Weaver - thankfully with the dog that bit my rear-end muzzled and chained in the yard :-)

I shall be back to normal in the morning - hopefully.

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