Saturday, March 09, 2013


As you may be aware, I don't do landscapes. They are not 'me'. I don't connect to them and they don't talk to me. Unlike William. Just Willaim is my former work colleague who 'stays' [the local for 'lives'] in Cromor miles from here. But a wonderful place don't you know? Probably not but I do. Trust me.

Here's William doing what he does best, talking. I was listening, nodding sagely from time to time - in between supping my fine Mocha in the Woodlands Cafe in the castle grounds.

See, that's not a landscape is it? That's our William

We have a craft/art shoppe in Stornoway that I visit on occasion to soak up some art-vibes or whatever one looks for to make nice snaps. They sell art paper and what have you. Lots of it and sometime I buy it - when I want to make cyanotypes - on account that if it's art-paper I must be making art - right?. So I felt Ok about sneaking this little snappette of Mrs Craft-Shoppe practising painting or something in her window. This isn't a landscape either is it, eh?

Mrs Art-Craft Shoppe

Strangely and a little worryingly I have had a request how I made the snap from yesterdays post. The real answer is I have no idea but, I did use a camera with film in it - albeit slow film. Shot from the hip at 'things' with 1 second[ish] exposures. Then printed it as a Lith-print. Hope that helps! I couldn't do it again if I wanted to. 


Anonymous said...

See that William! This is one wife who doesn't need a scold's bridle as I don't get a chance to talk!

Keith said...

So yesterday's was shot from the hip - thought it was from a car. Friend of mine shoots his best stuff from moving cars. But there was a kind of "shimmer" in your image - must be from the lith